4 – 11 NM

The MCL360 beacon is a modular LED self-contained lantern ideal for remote installations which needs to ensure the equipment operation in the most demanding conditions.


Ideal system for energy demanding applications, as the Powerbank can supply extra power if necessary. A smart solution offered by a self-contained lantern completed with a Smartbank.

Technical specifications

High-efficiency luminous system
Up to 11 real nm (T=0.74).
360º horizontal output
Ideal system for energy demanding applications
As the Powerbank can supply extra power if necessary.
Programming, configuration and operating status
Via PC, Bluetooth or IR programmer.
Double remote control system
As an option.
GPS synchronization module
Included as standard.
Vertical divergence
Up to 10º
Average operation lifetime
Over 10 years
Wireless communication between both devices allows to add accessories (GSM, UHF, satellite, and/or AIS remote control modules)
Without compromising the light range or the lantern autonomy, and without any wiring.
RS-232 serial port
For setting adjustments by PC.
Designed according to IALA Recommendations.

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